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Summer Rolls On…

July 30, 2013 2 comments

My family and I have been enjoying a solid summer of sitting around and doing whatever sounds fun at any given moment.   Good times.

Dude… while you’re young, make sure to enjoy Slip and Slides thoroughly.   You won’t be able to do them forever.   The kids and I broke one of them out in late June.  Of course, my boys are too young to really know how to do it, so I was forced to demonstrate.  It was awesome and the 3 seconds of glory were worth it, but I felt like I had been hit by a truck for the next 48 hours.  The boys had a great time with it.

Ok, it looks like my schedule for next year is starting to solidify:

1st English 9

2nd English 9

3rd AP Literature & Composition (12th grade)

4th Prep

5th English 12

6th English 9

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