AP Literature & Composition

2.4.19-2.8.19 Week 2 Semester 2

Due Thursday: Roots 142-148

Monday– Roots Quiz #1

Monday– Reflection #1 due

1.28.19-2.1.19 Week 1 Semester 2

Root Squares due Thursday: 135-141.

Day 1 Worksheet follow up due Wednesday


Catcher Illuminating Moment Essay Follow-up (due Wednesday)

  1. Write a paragraph about how you did.  What went well? What didn’t? If you were to do it again, what would you do different?  If you did really well, what do you want to take with you?
  2. Imagine you have to write to this essay prompt but for 1984.  Write a paragraph describing your plan for this imaginary essay.  What would be the moment? What would you say it reveals about the overall meaning of the book?


Paragraph Follow-up: Due Friday

  1. Write another paragraph. Give a description of what all of your feedback said to you overall.  What went well? What didn’t? Did the feedback make sense to you?
  2. Rewrite the paragraph making any changes to it that you see fit.

Roots Quiz #15; Root Squares 126-132 due Tuesday


1984 Homework Due Dec12

Read pages 72-73.  

  1. List everything you learn about Prole life

Read closely pages 78-83.

  1.  What was Winston trying (unsuccessfully) to find out from the man in the bar? (78)
  2.  Describe Winton’s interactions with the man in the old junk shop.

1984 Homework Due Dec11 Read closely pages 60-63.

  1. Explain what he means by the hope being with the proles
  2. Compare and contrast proles with party members (use a venn diagram)
  3. Summarize what Winston reads in the children’s textbook

Roots Quiz #13

Due Tuesday–Root Squares 112-118. McCarthy Roots Semester One Master


Due Dec10: 1984 Homework– Read closely pages 27-29.

  1. Describe in detail Winston’s dream.
  2. Now that you’re into the book, write a reflection about how your understanding of the paragraph on page 28 (starting with “He could not remember what…”) has changed. Remember, I showed you this passage before I gave you the novel.
  3. Describe what happens on these pages after the dream is over.

Due Dec 7: 1984 Homework Read closely pages 20-25.

  1. Dramatic Irony: look it up and define it
  1. List all instances of dramatic irony in the Parsons’ place.
  1. Describe your opinion of these children.
  2. Summarize the dream that Winston remembers on 24-25.  Try to guess the significance of the narration here.

Due Dec 6: 1984 Homework Read closely pages 10-11.

  1. Describe what was going on in Winston’s apartment.
  1. List all of the things that Winston talks about in his diary entry.
  1. Write a paragraph reaction to what you see in the diary entry.
  2. Write one question you have about these pages.

Due Dec 5 (wed):  asyouread-part-one-1984

Roots Quiz #12

Due Tuesday–Root Squares 105-111. McCarthy Roots Semester One Master



Due Dec 5 (wed):  asyouread-part-one-1984

Roots Quiz #11

Due Tuesday–Root Squares 98-104. McCarthy Roots Semester One Master

Fears for humanity in the future:

2nd period fears

3rd period fears


Nov14 In Class essay: Catcher in the Rye Prompt

Roots Quiz #10

Due Tuesday–Root Squares 91-97. McCarthy Roots Semester One Master


Roots Quiz #9

Due Tuesday–Root Squares 84-90. McCarthy Roots Semester One Master


Roots Quiz #8

Due Tuesday–Root Squares 77-83. McCarthy Roots Semester One Master


Roots Quiz #7

Due Tuesday–Root Squares 70-76. McCarthy Roots Semester One Master

Due Monday ap-lit-and-comp-quilt


Roots Quiz #6

Due Tuesday–Root Squares 63-69. McCarthy Roots Semester One Master


Friday: AP Lit Handout2018_Oct12

Due Oct11: Flashback of the Day Oct10

Due Tues Oct9: As You Read Catcher ch 17 through end

Roots Quiz #5

Due Tuesday–Root Squares 56-62. McCarthy Roots Semester One Master


Due Friday: E12 2018 Reflection #2

Due Wed at the end of class:  Flashback of the Day Oct3

Flashback of the Day Oct 3 Catcher

Roots Quiz #4

Due Tuesday–Root Squares 49-55. McCarthy Roots Semester One Master


Roots Quiz #3

Due Tuesday–Root Squares 42-48. McCarthy Roots Semester One Master

Due Friday– Read Catcher in the Rye p 67-122 and do As You Read Catcher ch 10 through 16


Roots Quiz #2

Due Tuesday–Root Squares 35-41. McCarthy Roots Semester One Master

Due Friday– Read Catcher in the Rye p 1-66 and do As You Read Catcher ch 1 through 9

Syllabus AP Lit 2018 19 McCarthy


Roots Quiz #1

Root Squares 28-34. McCarthy Roots Semester One Master


Root Squares 21-27. McCarthy Roots Semester One Master




Summer Reading Test Essay Portion


Summer Reading Test today:  you are allowed to use your copies of the books and your summer reading assignments during the test.  Be sure to bring any of these if you’d like to use them.


Good Students, Good Teachers




Reflection #1

Format Example

AP Lit Students Enrolled for 2018-19:

Here is the reading assignment for summer.  This assignment is the same whether you have McCarthy or Reynaga.   So start reading NOW if you haven’t already:  SummerReadingAP2018

Bring your work with you when school starts


  1. Ka Lia
    October 7, 2013 at 7:30 pm

    Mr. McCarthy I sent you my Reflection #3 on turnitin.com

  2. alex chung
    December 3, 2013 at 2:00 am

    Mr. McCarthy,
    I didn’t receive the worksheet for the reflection #6 can you post it?

  3. Hash
    September 2, 2014 at 11:11 pm

    You’re welcome.


    Free download of the summer reading for this class! If you can’t click the link, copy the link and paste it into your address bar.

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