Best Pencil Box Ever

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5th Period… smh

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A student had this for breakfast (aka breffist)

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A good life choice?photo

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Supernatural Desk!!!

Supernatural Desk!!!

English class: even the paranormal can happen here.

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Alright ladies and gents, we are starting anew.  Your semester one grades are now in the books for posterity.  As the brother in Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead says after using the dishes for skeet shooting on the roof, “the dishes are done, man.”

I propose you take this moment as an opportunity to reset your outlook on the details of our daily lives.  Remember each day,  when you walk in here, you will have stuff to do that may or may not feel important.  I can promise it always is important.  Each day is an opportunity to accomplish something and to improve yourself.   The cool thing about right now is that the slate is clean.  Everything you submit right now is having a huge effect on your grade– take advantage.

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AP LIT Alert…

September 4, 2013 2 comments

Check the AP Lit Tab for an update re:




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All students in McCarthy classes. You are all going to need to have accounts on this year. Go to your class page for more instructions.
AP Lit Scholars: your info is already up and you have an assignment due Wed night.
Eng 12: Your class is registered. It is ready for you to plug in. We will talk about it this week. If you’re confused, just wait until we meet.
Eng 9: Nothing to do yet. I just want you to know it is coming.

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